These shots are from BLINK (2009), an IP exploration that was to be fully developed into Games/Movies/Etc, funded by Universal Studios, developed by Blindwink.  I had the privilege of Art Directing and Producing talented Concept Artists for BLINK.  Many of them are now very well regarded in the film and game industry.  John Park, Danny Gardner and Robert Simons. These few examples are the culmination of their collective efforts, and my guidance.  The excerpts are from the pitchbook I put together, and the last 3 repeated shots of the second sequence is and example of the before (gray) and after (color) of my art direction.

As for the Unreal Engine 3 FPS game prototype, it featured a “Blink” mechanic that allowed players to teleport/warp using an innovative 3D marker system + instant strafe (warp) mechanic..  The best fun was had when “Telefragging.”  A technique to kill opponents by “Blinking” into the same space as the opponent, thereby exploding them as you occupy the same space.  I will upload some gameplay videos of this in the near future.

The Graphic Novel BELOW was done as a marketing tool for various stakeholders.  I didn’t have time or the budget for this so it was made after work, about 2 late nights and lots of coffee!  Fortunately, the writing was done previously and read well.