These shots are from Alone in the Dark: Illumination (2015), PC Co-op Horror 3rd Person Shooter published by Atari, developed by Pure and Section Studios, using the Unreal Engine 4. I was brought on as a Consulting Art Director, mid-way through the development cycle to review and art direct the Art assets being developed by Section Studios and Pure.  I also lit the entire game; and consequently, evaluated and implemented an improved lighting solution.  To achieve this, I was very fortunate to have an exceptional UE4 Programmer, Michael Allar and a talented Gameplay Scripter, Matthew Barcas, within an earshot of me for help with UE4 related technical issues and UE4 Blueprints.  I appreciated the support of the awesome Producer on the project, Stephanie Marroquin, for helping me keep all the remote contributors in sync for the remaining short development cycle, and for being in the trenches with the team until the very end.

Since the game featured a “Light as a Weapon” game mechanic (which allowed players to use their flashlight and other dynamic environmental light sources to make enemies vulnerable to weapon fire), the game required the lighting solution to have majority of the levels in uncomfortable darkness.  This is why you see large areas of darkness in the shots, more than what would normally be acceptable.  I used fog and smoke to offset the darkness as much as possible, since these did not affect the gameplay light system.

The ALONE LV1 INITIAL COMMENTS pdf below shows the state of the project as I started.  I typically do these quick notes for each level of the game, at the beginning of my involvement.  By doing this, I get an overview of the project and to set the pace and expectation for myself on what areas I can contribute to.  After the initial notes, it was agreed that my biggest contribution to the project would be lighting the game and conducting lighting-related overwatch.

ALONE LV1 INITIAL COMMENTS ( Warning: 80+ pages)