CV of Game Development (Color / 3 pages)


It is my sincere hope that, through the images and words I’ve deliberated on within this site, you’ll get a glimpse into my contributions to the projects that I’ve been involved in, as well as the talents of the the people that have co-conspired with me.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, long enough to see the cyclical patterns disappear and reappear, long enough to see the generational changes in my own kids, the students I teach, and the creative talent I work with. This insight and experience drives me to be a more effective manager / director / mentor of individuals; avoiding the same mistakes is just as important as breaking the rules on purpose.  I love nurturing and mentoring talent of all ages; defending them against predatory practices, supporting them, to the best of my abilities, as they journey forward.  This, then punctuates the sentence of my life with moments of youthful energy, creative innocence, raw talent, and even awe-inducing brilliance.  And that is what gives me strength to keep going professionally, privately.  What my CV won’t tell you is that I’m a strategist with empathy; an advocate of originality and quality, and a counsellor to the talented men and women that seek.  This means I craft schedules that are realistic, based on actual team metrics.  It means I hold my reports accountable for delivering outstanding work, their roles are based on their strengths, not their desires.

I’ve learned a lot by trusting the wrong people, and witnessing the right people do wrong things.  I’ve learned even more from the rare individuals that have put their trust in me and guided me through my misinformed and arrogant moments.  But, I’ve learn the most by doing, and not talking.  So in the end, I do what I do, without regard for recompense, without ulterior motives, because it is who I am.  Hopefully, you are the same way.

The world needs more mentors.


Yes, it’s a bit weird to have a bar graph for skills like a game character. It undeniably illustrates the fact that I’d be pretty useless for rebuilding humanity after the Apocalypse.  I may take this out; but for now, it is my self-evaluation of the accumulated experience in these skills, the confidence level I have for performing them, learning new aspects of them, or teaching them.


  • Art Direction / Art Management
  • Creative / IP Development
  • Mentorship / Training
  • Lighting / Material Finish
  • 3D Environments / World Building / UI
  • Art Production / Outsourcing
  • UNREAL ENGINE 4 (Lighting / Environment Optimization)
  • UNITY 5 (Lighting / UI)
  • MAYA (Poly Modeling)
  • ILLUSTRATOR (UI / Diagrams / Graphic Design)
  • PHOTOSHOP (UI / Graphic Design / Textures)
  • P4
  • MS Office Suite


The following comments are from individuals that I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with.  Read them if you’d like to, for entertainment value, nothing more.



Jeal is a very special and talented individual. A natural Art Director, he has a keen visual sense, and is able to see the big picture as well as the details. Yet, beyond this, Jeal is also possessed with a great understanding of process… he constantly seeks to improve how we make games. Finally, Jeal is extremely self-critical, in a good way… striving to grow and learn constantly. Jeal is a joy to manage, and work with.
Graeme Bayless

General Manager, 2K

Jeal is true visionary and industry veteran. He is not only extremely talented and knowledgeable, but is one the hardest working individual’s I know in the industry. As a perfectionist, everything Jeal does is always done well, leaving no stone unturned, every detail accomplished signed and done. He has always been a true inspiration to me and those who have had the pleasure to be a part of his team. Jeal is someone I respect very much, as a colleague and friend, and would work with him again gladly, without hesitation.
Philip Salas

Studio Art Director, E-Line Media

Passionate, decisive, straight talking, organized and talented, are all words that come to mind when asked about Jeal.
His no nonsense managing style combined with his knowledge and generosity in mentor ship towards his reports, are the types of qualities that any seasoned professional can appreciate.
Also impressive is his continued passion for personal growth, as well as the way in which he will freely encourage others to do the same.
He is a great benefit to a team, and an invaluable resource for any junior artists with the will to learn
Junki Saita

Game Designer, Naughty Dog

Working with Jeal was one of those refreshing reminders of why I do what it is that I do. This industry goes through quite a few people, but it’s the real talents such as Jeal that keep me motivated and lucid. Jeal’s attention to the aesthetic and uncompromisable drive for achieving the best is precisely the razor edge of focus that provides the competitive and refined approach that puts one’s group above the pack and provides a stand-out end product. We would not have finished our product had Jeal not taken the reigns. He held the artistic focus in check and kept the project on track. I look forward to working with Jeal once again and any team to include him will undoubtedly excel.
Jeremy Rosenthal

Lead Producer, Mobile Co-Publish & Licensing, Disney

I used to call Jeal, Jeal “the real deal” Choi. Why? Because he, like me…would cut to the chase and give it to us in straight. Jeal was consistently passionate about what he did while working on Turning Point and wanted more than a person in his position usually would…nothing but the best for the company and the team. Detail oriented, driven, passionate, and talented…these are the things I think of when I think of Jeal. AND he’s funny…the kind of dry funny that makes you stop and think about the joke afterwards and laugh some more.

I’d love to work with Jeal again. he was truly a great asset to the team.

Dean Martinetti

Project Manger / BSA, Sony Playstation

Jeal is uber-organized, detail oriented art manager. He sets very high standards for his artists, and will relentlessly push them to excel. His excellent eye for lighting and shadows for 3D environments is unsurpassed.
Daryl Pitts

Owner and Executive Producer, Kung Fu Factory

Jeal is the best teacher who has deep and detailed knowledge, creative and inspirational.

Scarlett Chou

Student, UCLA

Jeal was an exceptional member of my team while he was at Spark. He was reliable, technical, knowledgeable, and a great employee all around. Jeal was well liked and respected by others and has great leadership abilities. Jeal is the type of person every studio needs and I look foward to working with him again in the future.
Scott Chiu

Studio Art Director, Heavy Iron Studios

Jeal was a Sr. Artist in my department when he came on, but I considered him one of the best on the team. He is an artist that whatever task you place in front of him he would go above and beyond on what it calls for. Jeal’s artistic talent, communication, teamwork, and mentorship is above all. I had the pleasure of working and learning from him at Spark. Jeal is a very important asset to any team/company and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again
AJ Nelson

Lighting Artist | Senior World Builder

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